VIDEO: Woman Plays Flute While Undergoing Brain Surgery

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  • This is incredible. While getting brain surgery — specifically deep brain stimulation to cure her tremors — the patient, Anna Henry, was given a flute and began to play during the procedure. The patient’s tremors stopped her from playing the instrument, so in order to test the effectiveness of the then ongoing surgery, she was handed a flute and proceeded to play — creating a beautiful and thrilling image of perseverance.

    The surgery was known as deep brain stimulation and was done by attaching electrodes to the thalamus of the patient. The patient — who before this couldn’t hold a glass of water or sign her name — was able to beautifully play the flute. Said Henry about her ability to persevere —

    My folks lived through the [Great] Depression. If there’s anything they taught me, it was that an obstacle is not something that stops you; it’s something you find a way around.


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