Adam Pally Goes Off The Rails in Shorty Awards Speech

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  • Look, we here at What’s Trending love our influencers, don’t get us wrong! Without our precious reserves of influencers, where would we get our stories about GoPros and Backpack Kids? However, no matter how you feel about this influencer class, Adam Pally’s insane off the rails presentation at the Shorty Awards is a sight to behold.

    Adam Pally, apparently fed up with this celebration of influencers, approached the podium already defeated, ready to give the award for Best Instagram Feed for a Brand. Look, GoPro ended up winning, but before that, we could see Adam Pally give such quips as, “What is going on?”, “Where are we?”, “Why are people getting awards?”, “Remember that winner who said that she was in college for engineering but she dropped out to play video games? She thinks it worked out for her, but in six months she’ll be trying to get back into that school,” and the ever hilarious, “This is hell” before quietly being ushered off stage in a glorious sight.

    If you love a good spectacle or just want to see someone utterly roast everything around them, this thing should be watched. Start the video at 1:34:00 to be amazed.

    What do you think of Adam Pally’s insane speech? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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