Meghan Tonjes Performs “Anchor” Live and Shows Off Her Kickboxing Moves with Jen Widerstrom

Meghan Tonjes Performs "Anchor" Live and Shows Off Her Kickboxing Moves with Jen Widerstrom
By Amanda Walgrove
  • YouTube-born music sensation¬†Meghan Tonjes performs her original song, “Anchor” and chats with Shira Lazar and Jackson Harris about her experience on “Star Maker,” her successful weight loss, breaking onto mainstream from the web, and upcoming performances. Then, things get physical as Meghan’s trainer Jen Widerstrom takes the stage to show off some of her kickboxing moves with Meghan.

    Having lost 70 pounds in the past year, Meghan is on an exciting track to a healthier, more active lifestyle and career. “I didn’t lose weight to be thin. That’s definitely not me,” she says. “But I started having back issues. And that was preventing me from touring and traveling and playing music and doing the things I love.”

    She embraced the opportunity to work with 3V, YouTube’s Health and Fitness channel and join their “Star Maker” series, which will document her pursuit of music, move to L.A., and training with Jen Widerstrom for running a 5K.

    “For me, YouTube’s always been fun and it’s always been this great community of friends that are doing the same thing,” she says. Even though she’s felt the jolt of recognition from mainstream media, her goal is to make sure that she’s doing what she loves. So, she’ll always be loyal to her online fanbase, keeping them updated with vlogs along the way.

    She’s even treating her viewers to some gaming segments now! “People have gaming channels and they’re really good and they show their progress and they’re capturing it… I’m really bad!” she admits. That’s okay. Maybe she can team up with Shira when she launches her amateur gaming series.

    Although she doesn’t have set tour dates just yet, fans can look forward to seeing Meghan perform at Playlist Live and VidCon!

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