“Exit Vine” Groups Ambicide and Encore Face Off In a Live Battle of the Bands on What’s Trending

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  • Hannah MulhollandKyle BuckleyMia Rose and Kylen Deporter – the stars of Red Bull Music‘s first interactive, scripted series, “Exit Vine” – stop by the What’s Trending studio to bust out a Battle of the Bands between the fictional performance acts Ambicide and Encore.

    The actors also sit down for a chat about the excitement of launching the series, big YouTuber cameos and the future of their music careers.

    While YouTube viewers have never been afraid to speak their minds, these four truly knows what it’s like to be at the mercy of their audience. As a part of the interactivity of the story, viewers are invited to vote on plot lines, love interests, band names, label of representation, performance themes, and more.

    “They’re always rewriting scripts according to what the viewers want,” says Buckley.

    But it was the Red Bull brand that plucked this lucky foursome from YouTube.

    “In my parallel universe like of Hannah, i’m a country singer, so this is really fun ’cause it’s totally different,” Mulholland says, comparing her own musical stylings to the more rock-centric focus of her “Exit Vine” alter-ego.

    The series also features major YouTubers like our own host, Shira Lazar (who you can see in their latest episode), Jason Horton, Dave Days, Joe Bereta, Rawn Erickson and Overly Attached Girlfriend. But it seems it was SourceFed’s Joe Bereta who left a big impression on bassist, Kyle Deporter. “I kept cracking up in rehearsal,” he says. “I really had to gear up for our scene in episode five.”

    With the series coming to a close as episode eight nears, Mulholland teases, “It’s going to be like ‘Lost’ where everything just happens all at once and we answer all the questions and wrap it all up.”

    As for whether they’ll continue to produce music via their fictional acts in the future, we suppose that’s up to Red Bull and the actors…

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