Insane Clown Posse Reveals Their Strong Opinions About Miley’s Twerking

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  • Insane Clown Posse, a.k.a. ICP, joined us in the studio to give their two cents on the infamous Miley Cyrus VMA twerking incident.

    “If you hated her, wouldn’t you just leave her alone and move on or are you at her website and in her forums?” Joseph Bruce asks. “If you really hate something, just leave it alone.”

    Joseph Utsler gets all sarcastic, saying, “Poor Miley. Such an outsider. Shed one for you, Miley.” While he doesn’t feel too bad for Miley, he still thoroughly enjoys her twerking. “I wasn’t aware that it was called that until recently,” he says. “I enjoy watching any broad do it. Keep on twerking, Miley.”

    Bruce adds of “We Can’t Stop,” “That was a pretty good video. I liked it a lot.”

    Still, should Miley get all the credit for the twerking movement? Utsler thinks not. “Now it’s on ‘Good Morning America’ and sh** because Miley Cyrus is doing it,” he remarks. “Picture 10 years ago if there was some broad tweaking on ‘Good Morning America,’ you’d be like, ‘What the f***?!'”

    They also shared their thoughts on Juggalo haters, misconceptions, and GQ disses.

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