Man Chronicles His Adventures With A Lost iPhone

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  • Lost Phone Chronicles Part 3

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    A nice guy took care of a girl’s phone after she lost it during St. Patty’s Day celebrations. He returned it unharmed, but first he decided to have a little fun with it. He gave her iPhone a nice history lesson on local book shops, cafes and restaurants around town. At one point he got so caught up talking to his new friend — the missing phone– that he missed his bus. But eventually the phone found its way back to its original owner. Jenny Roberts Dodge discovered the nice man’s fun videos on her phone and chose to upload them to YouTube as a thank you. She included in the description: “We used the find my friends app to track it down and the guy who found it decided to document his adventure before leaving it at a local bar! I don’t know who he is but thank you so much stranger!”

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