George Watsky Performs “G.O.A.T. Fast Rapper” LIVE

George Watsky Performs "G.O.A.T. Fast Rapper" LIVE
By Matthew Arevalo
  • Remember “Pale Kid Raps Fast,” the viral video that had your tongue twisted? George Watsky has brought his smooth style and fast wordage to What’s Trending, and performed his viral track “G.O.A.T. Fast Rapper” on the show.

  • “G.O.A.T. Fast Rapper” — which stands for “greatest of all time” — is only one of Watsky’s viral hits. “I’ve always known I could (rap fast), but for me it’s interesting because I want people to understand what I’m saying,” he said. “So there’s a push and a pull between wanting to show people what you do and showcase your talent and also not wanting to be known as a gimmick.”

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    He also thanked YouTube for his massive following. “If it were only major labels getting people out still, I probably wouldn’t have the audience that I do.”

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