Andrew Huang performs A Medley of Awesomeness LIVE on What’s Trending

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  • Many people may know him by other names, but, as Andrew told us, that’s about to change. “I’ve had a lot of different kinds of styles of music that I like to work with and I need to kind of just contain it under one name, and so I’m just going use my name, Andrew Huang.”

    Of course, Andrew will be still keeping up his Songs To Wear Pants To channel and keep on making his hilarious, custom songs.

    Andrew also told us about a fan-funded video for Never that is coming out today. “It all stemmed from about 5 years ago someone said, ‘Write a song about something you’ve never done.'”

    Then, Andrew grabbed up the mic to give us a taste of some of his talent with a medley of some of his most popular songs.

  • What is your favorite song to wear pants to?

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