CIA on Twitter, Wells Fargo’s Bank For the Rich and Courtney Stodden’s Breasts

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  • Wells Fargo is getting ready open Abbot Downing, which is a new bank for the super rich (e.g., households with $50 million or more to invest). Mark Malkoff disliked this calling it, “Arrogant,” while Marc Maron said for some people it’s great, but for most people it’s, “another example of the ruling class keeping the regular people down.”

    We decided to take a brave stance by setting up the CIA for a Like or Dislike after it was revealed that they monitor over 5 million tweets per day. Marc Maron started with the quip, “I wonder if my comments on the new Tom Waits album made it to Obama?” He continued by adding, “I think if the CIA is gonna look at our tweets, they should be forced to retweet it.” Most of you that voted on Facebook gave this a major Dislike.

    The big-chested question for some on the web has been the authenticity of the breasts of teen bride, Courtney Stodden. She went on Dr. Drew this week to have a team of doctors confirm that they are indeed real. Our panelist both recognize the absurdity of Ms. Stodden’s celebrity, but Mark Malkoff added, “She just needs to save her money for therapy, cause she’s gonna need it when she gets older.” Most of you hit the Dislike button Courtney’s most recent publicity stunt.

    Watch the full segment of Like/Dislike right here.

  • What were your biggest Likes and Dislikes of the week?

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