VidCon 2012: Elle and Blair Fowler Talk Beauty Tips, Fashion Vlogging

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  • Elle admitted she’s still unsure why her videos are so popular and sharable, but that making fun of herself and not taking what they do too seriously helps. “We’re definitely not professionals putting on make up and teaching everyone, we’re kind of just real girls,” Elle shared.

    Their content started with make up tutorials, and now the two have expanded their repertoire to include ‘Beauty Logger Boot Camp,’ a competition that pits ten contestants against each other for a chance to get their own show on the duo’s other YouTube channel, ULookHaute. The sisters will host a live-chat on July 10, on their YouTube channels and Google Hangout on where they will be taking fan questions and announce a winner.

    Be sure to check out a very special on-stage beauty tip session with a lucky audience member starting at the 6:40 mark!

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