Clara C ‘You’ve Got It All’ Live EXCLUSIVE Performance and ‘Esc’ Fan Chat

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  • YouTube’s powerhouse singer/songwriter Clara C stopped by the What’s Trending studios to deliver an exclusive, live performance of her single “You’ve Got It All” from her second album “esc” — like the keyboard key!

    While the record is set for release on September 25, fans can get a sneak preview of one of the songs on Spotify, starting on the 15th. They can also catch Clara during her Fall tour, which she’s co-headlining with frequent YouTube collaborator David Choi.

    She’s also collaborated with other major YouTube stars like Joseph Vincent and Ryan Higa — but she can’t pick a favorite, of course. That’s like picking a favorite child!

    In Clara C’s fan chat below, the songstress teases her new album, revealing that we can expect a little more maturity, some electronica influences, and an indie pop feel.

    As with any true artist, Clara is always inspired by the music she hears, and right now she’s really into Kimbra and Feist. Speaking of challenging herself as a musician, she admits, “I’ve realized that taste evolves from getting bored of things and a lot of time pop music bores me. So, I’m into things that are different nowadays.”

    And we’re into what she’s doing!

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