YouTube Pop Duo Megan & Liz Perform “Bad For Me” LIVE on What’s Trending

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  • Michigan-born YouTube star sisters Megan & Liz stop by What’s Trending to perform their new single, “Bad for Me,” and chat with Shira about how they got started making online videos and what’s up next for their budding career.

    The fraternal twins may have their obvious physical differences and subtler but still varying personality traits, but there’s one thing that has always brought them together: music. The pop duo rose to fame on YouTube after posting a combination of original and cover songs, prompted by the adventurous inclinations of “bored 15 year olds,” so they say. But now, that high school whim is growing into a music empire.

    The siblings also clue is into their very open creative process. It could start with a certain title or a catchy melody, but they keep cranking out originals in order to stand out from those those dime-a-dozen YouTube covers.

    “We’re very normal girls,” says Megan. “We were in high school doing YouTube videos. We can really relate to what a lot of our audience is going through and put it in songs.”

    Now that they’re traveling around the nation and working hard on building a major career in the industry, just remember, fans — it all began on YouTube!

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