Amazon Driver Fired Over Old Viral Video

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Image: @Patrickhook01 | TikTok

An Amazon worker, who went viral in October, has recently lost his job due to the video, though the incident occurred in 2019. The viral video shows a woman leaving the back of the Amazon truck, entitled “Amazon be different.” The viral video has implications regarding what they were doing in the back of the truck, with over 700,000 likes and almost 30,000 comments.


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Now, the Amazon delivery driver has been fired. In a TMZ interview, he noted that the woman was indeed his partner. And when asked what they were doing, he says he was doing his job. He also notes “It was just a one-time incident, but I did what any other man in America would do.” He notes that it was a one-time incident that happened to go viral, and now he has lost his job for it. Additionally, there were no reports of stolen or missing packages, which raises more questions to why the driver lost his job, especially since the incident occurred a few years ago.

Many were concerned when this video first went viral, as they did not want the man to get in trouble just for a user to get a few likes or attention on TikTok. One person wrote: “You can’t get away with anything in this century with all of the technology lmao. Dude is definitely getting questioned or getting fired.” Others were not concerned for the state of the employee, making jokes about “receiving a prime package.”

However, the general consensus of the video seemed to be that the delivery driver did not deserve to be fired for this and that the people who snitched for the sake of a viral video were selfish and should never have posted the video in the first place. Many are also questioning the validity of this and if he should try to sue for wrongful termination. All in all, it seems to point to the concerns of the internet and how it can affect people’s real life.


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