Ariana Grande Belts It Out On Carpool Karaoke

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Ariana Grande has stolen headlines for her whirlwind romance and engagement with SNL’s Pete Davidson, and any headlines considering her incredible voice have been pushed aside! But now it’s back! Following another ill advised action with a comedian that she rushed into maybe a little quicker than she should have, Ariana Grande has teamed up with James Corden to do the most zeitgeist hitting karaoke of them all: Carpool Karaoke.

The build up to this episode of Carpool Karaoke has been shrouded in mystery ever since a preview of it showed Ariana Grande sporting a cast on her hand. Is there a true and horrible accident in this episode of Carpool Karaoke!? Is this the final episode of Carpool?! Well, no to both. But there is fantastic musical selection, and anecdote alike. For example, did you know that Ariana Grande had a Jaws themed birthday party? Folks, Ariana Grande had a Jaws themed birthday party.

Corden mentions he had an N*Sync birthday, and Ariana Grande asks him “What age?” and Corden, with the timing of a comedian very comfortable in 1961, says “35”. The pair then sung an N*Sync song.

The duo then get into the meat of it, discussing Celine Dion, diving into Ariana Grande’s incredibly fun Celine Dion impression, and… addressing some rumors. James Corden asks Ariana Grand if it’s true that she demands to be carried everywhere she goes. Grande scoffs at them, and says the rumors came from an Instagram of her being carried by her tour manager that got taken out of context. Corden then pulls up in front of a Starbucks and asks Grande to get on his back and be carried in.

They do, and Ariana Grande orders at Starbucks in the only size she imaginably could… grande.

Grande and Corden then close out the show talking about starting a band that only sing show tunes, and the pair is shocked to discover that both of them dreamed of playing Audrey and Seymour, respectively, in “Little Shop of Horrors”. The pair then dive into Suddenly Seymour, closing out a fantastic segment of Carpool Karaoke.


No word on what happened to the hand though… hmmm…

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