We know...we regret clicking on the hashtag too...

Remember that video of Ariana Grande from 2015 licking a donut and being disgusted?

Yeah that’s kind of what today has felt like with the hashtag ‘disgustingdonut’ trending on Twitter. This repulsive hashtag has everyone wondering how something like this could have possibly become trending on Twitter. While the origins are still a big hole mystery right now, here is some food for thought and sweet memories of other weird donut trends. 

What We Know

We can only assume that the trend began this morning after Dunkin Donuts announced that Oatmilk is now available as a milk substitute at all Dunkin locations. They also announced that chai flavor and their early release of pumpkin spiced drinks are available to order beginning today.

People have been rejoicing over the early release of the pumpkin spiced drinks. 

And now they’re head over heels about the introduction of oatmilk. 

Okay, so far everything seems fine and dandy. But then somehow we spiral from that and get to the outpouring of horrifying donuts that we’re sure you’ve all seen by now. We’ll spare you the graphic details but here’s just a taste of what’s circulating. 

Pretty gross, right? We wouldn’t recommend clicking into this hashtag if you have a weak stomach. It only gets worse.

Other Weird Donut Trends

Not only does this remind us of the 2015 Ariana donut licking stint, but also brings back repressed memories of KFC’s “Chicken and Donuts” sandwich, which was  rereleased again this February. This one left us glazed and confused and still debating whether this sandwich is amazing or gross. ACTUALLY we are still debating the following:

Speaking of weird donut trends, can we talk about the “macaronut” from French pastry chef Francois Payard back in 2016?? Does anyone else remember this? Payard was trying to distinguish his new NYC patisserie when he created this new donut, combining both a donut and a macaron. Thankfully this creation was cute and dainty rather than the nauseating content we are dealing with on Twitter at the moment. 

But back to gross donuts, as if the #disgustingdonuts trend couldn’t get worse…someone dared it to get political.

And then it got political. Is this taking it too far?

Continuing To Solve The Mystery

If you scroll far enough back in the twitter threads, you can see that the earlier hashtags are people just writing types of donuts that would be disgusting. The early tweets had no photos connected with them. Very interesting.

While we are trying to crack this case, we can’t help but notice Krispy Kreme has been awfully quiet today…well actually they did announce their Times Square Flagship location is officially opening September 15th. 

But it does seem fishy that the #digustingdonut hashtag is trending the same day that Dunkin Donuts releases their big news. Especially because there is an unmistakable similar alliteration when you say both ‘Dunkin Donuts’ and ‘disgusting donuts’ that should not go unreported. Is Krispy Kreme jelly of the attention? Could this be a ploy to try to unconsciously sway consumers in the ongoing Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin Donuts war? 

Or is someone trying to put them both out of business considering both donut chains made announcements today? 

Although that would be quite the scandal, we have to try to be rational. Our best guess right now as to why this is trending is that someone just started naming hypothetical types of donuts that would be disgusting, and somehow that was more interesting to talk about than the discussions provoked by the DNC last night. As boring as that may sound, we can’t sugar-coat everything.

This tweet sums up our feelings pretty well. Please donut make 2020 unnecessarily worse. But let us know what you think- are there any “gross” donut combos that sound appealing to you? Do you think this is all a ploy set up by Krispy Kreme, or is someone out to get both chains?