Aubrey Plaza Breaks Hearts Everywhere After Announcing Marriage to Long Time Boyfriend

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The rumors are true! Aubrey Plaza and long time boyfriend, Jeff Baena. The Parks and Rec alum announced in a subtle but powerful post on Instagram that the couple had tied the knot.

In a post this morning, Plaza shared a photo of the two with the caption,

“So proud of my darling husband @jeffbaena for dreaming up another film that takes us to italia to cause some more trouble. Excited to be reunited with the amazing @alisonbrie (who also co-wrote this one!) and @theofficialsuperstar@sordociego @lauren_weedman and so many more fun people in this. Preparati!!”

She did not really think she could slip “darling husband” in the caption and expect us not to catch on, right? Well, fans couldn’t help but immediately freak out when reading the caption and had so many questions, like when did they get married? Why was it a secret? It is still unclear when and how the couple tied the knot, but her team did confirm the marriage.

Broken Hearts

While we are sure that somewhere in their hearts, they are happy for the couple, many fans are completely heart-broken following the news. Turns out Aubrey Plaza is America’s unexpected sweetheart, and Twitter’s biggest heart throb. The marriage feels like another painful hit during the pandemic. The memes following the announcement are absolutely hilarious.

Sean shared this video with the caption, “me this morning when i found out aubrey plaza is married.”


This Twitter user said, “Just found out Aubrey Plaza was married congrats.”

Danny shared this video accompanied by, “People that still think they’ve got a chance with Aubrey Plaza be like:”

This meme and caption by this user are sending us, saying, “Really happy for Aubrey Plaza and her husband.” 


This Twitter user just could not get over the name of her fiancé being Jeff. She wrote “aubrey plaza really married to a dude named Jeff.”

Alexa captioned a video of 90 Day Fiance’s Big Ed with “AUBREY PLAZA GOT MARRIED?! AND ITS NOT TO ME?!?!???”

This user wrote, “Me trying to deal with the fact that Aubrey Plaza is married.”

Anna shared this distressing picture with the caption, “are you telling me Aubrey plaza just got married and it isn’t with me huh.”

Looks like everyone thought that Aubrey Plaza was their one true soulmate, making her marriage sting a little extra. We really do feel for everyone who watched their celebrity crush get married today, BUT the memes are so worth it.

Bi-Phobia is Alive and Well

While most people are just merely poking fun at how much they would love to be the spouse of Aubrey Plaza, there is a lot of bi-phobia coming out of the woodworks. Plaza has identified herself as a bisexual woman, but after she married a man, some people wrongfully questioned if she was actually bisexual if she is committed to a man. If you are like us then understand that Plaza’s sexuality is no one else’s business, but some Twitter users are not bringing that energy to the platform. *eyeroll.* But rather than encourage bi-phobia by giving it a platform, we are displaying the tweets that are addressing the issue.

Halle defends Plaza and fights back against the trolls with this meme and the caption, “This Aubrey Plaza situation shows how biphobic Twitter can be. Bi women are not required to marry a woman. That’s what bisexual means, Twitter stans.”

Jaime wrote, “Its insane how biphobic some people are when they find out a bi woman married her boyfriend of 10+ years. You didn’t ‘lose’ anything, Aubrey plaza just gained a husband. And i wouldn’t be surprised if thats part of the reason she kept her relationship private”

Margo tweeted out, “people reacting to aubrey plaza being lowkey married to a man as bi erasure is, itself, bi erasure.”

We sincerely wish the best for Aubrey Plaza and her husband, Jeff Baena, as they embark on their new journey. As for the heartbroken Twitter fans, we wish you the best in finding a new crush.



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