Ayesha Curry Expecting Baby No. 4 with Husband Steph Curry

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Ayesha Curry for Sweet July Magazine.
Sweet July/ Camila Falquez

Ayesha and Steph Curry are soon to be adding another baby to their family.

The author, 34, shared the news about her fourth child with her NBA husband Steph Curry, 35, on the cover story for Sweet July Magazine.

In the article, the cookbook author shared that she and her husband  initially “thought we were done” with having kids, she says the two decided last year that “somebody was missing.”

Ayesha Curry for Sweet July Magazine.
Ayesha Curry for Sweet July Magazine. Photo: Sweet July/ Camila Falquez

In photos from the shoot, readers can see Ayesha with her baby bump as she sits down at a table. The star also posed in an orange dress holding her bump with one hand.

The two already share children Riley, 11, Ryan, 8, and son Canon 5.


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Back in October, Steph spoke to PEOPLE about how he is introducing to all different sports while home.


“We’re all backyard sports right now,” said Steph. “Nothing too organized. Especially for Canon, he’s only 5. So we’ve got plenty of time. He’s an all-sports type of dude. But his attention span is just like a 5-year-old’s.”

“It’s more just confidence building and their ability to find joy in everything they do,” he continued. “I think that’s a huge part of kids these days, not feeling too much pressure on having to be successful or keep up with their counterparts.”

“I’m just trying to make sure that whatever they do, they’re having fun,” he added. “There’s lots being thrown at them on a daily basis and a lot of perceived pressures. So I’m trying to make sure they enjoy being a kid and finding joy in everything they do.”

Back in 2021, Ayesha also discussed becoming a first time mom at such a young age, and also went on to explain how difficult it was to figure out a career while raising children.
She mentioned, “What I started to realize was I was becoming this woman at such a young age when other people would still potentially be in college or just figuring out who they want to be,” she said during an episode of Skimm’d From The Couch.

She also went on to add, She added that though she “thoroughly enjoyed being a mom,” she still had hopes of doing more. The young mom eventually found her passion after launching a recipe blog, which has since grown into an empire that includes multiple restaurants, cookbooks and even a TV series. Ayesha’s kids are also already following in her footsteps — she previously shared that daughter Riley has “insane” talents in the kitchen.

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