Beyoncé Releases New Single “Break My Soul” Tonight

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Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

Last week, Beyoncé surprised fans when she announced she would be releasing a new album “Renaissance” at the end of July. The iconic singer, known for doing surprise drops of her album, interviewed with Vogue as she discussed that the pandemic allowed her to perfect the music even longer. Now, with the announcement of the single for tonight, which is entitled “Break My Soul”, fans celebrate that they withstood six years without an album from Beyoncé, which they dubbed the “Beyoncé drought.”

This will be the first single from “Renaissance” which will be released on July 29th. The announcement was made through social media, as she changed her bio online to read “6. BREAK MY SOUL midnight ET.” The single will be released on the summer solstice, which some wonder might be to celebrate the song or the album as a celebration of summer or the album of the summer. ” Although Beyoncé has not released an album since the iconic “Lemonade,” the single comes two years after she released “Black Parade” in observance of Juneteenth in 2020. She won the Grammy award for best R&B performance.

Needless to say, fans were quite excited. Beyoncé began to trend number one once again as people reacted to the news of a new single in two years. One fan noticed that Break My Soul was produced by The Dream, who also produced iconic songs like Flawless and Single Ladies. Others noticed that she was releasing it on a Tuesday, instead of the standard she created by dropping music on Fridays, with one fan noting “Beyoncé making Friday releases the industry standard and then turning around and releasing new music on a Tuesday again is peak Beyoncé behavior.”

Overall, fans are very thrilled to hear that a new single would be coming so soon, as she had only just announced a new album last week. Many believe that debuting the single on the solstice may be a reference to the new era she begins through this single and the new album. Either way, fans are looking forward to it.


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