Chrissy Chlapecka Talks About Being a Big Sister Figure on TikTok

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Chrissy Chlapecka amassed almost 5 million followers and over 200 million likes on TikTok after reigniting and redefining the bimbo movement. In case you’re unaware, a bimbo traditionally represented a beautiful woman who might not be very smart. Chlapecka, however, included the definition for all people, not just women, who might not “know who Elon Musk is” or how the economy works, but is pro-feminist, LGBT inclusive, and hates capitalism. Her content rejects the 2016 “girlboss” beliefs for women and allows them to express themselves without pressure to succeed in order to be a feminist.

Image: Chrissy Chlapecka and Andy Lalwani pictured at Vidcon 2022.

Q) Why do you think you and the topics you discuss resonate with people?

A) I think it’s really interesting to see someone who is hyper-feminine and queer. And you know, who uses like she/they pronouns and is very outspoken and loud and fun. Like, there’s no way I could wear the things I want to wear. There’s no way I could be the person I wanted to be. There’s no way I could be queer, like all these things. And I think a lot of us like growing up kind of felt that way as well. I think I really, like I consider myself the big sister of TikTok.  You know, I give them advice and silly advice. And I make my friends laugh because it’s what we needed growing up. And not all of us got that.  I didn’t.

Q) There’s obviously a conversation of what is considered brand-safe or authentic.  Do you ever have a crossroads moment to decide what you want to talk about? 

A) I always want to be careful with the content I put out because I want to be sure if what I’m talking about is correct.  But also like, “brand-safe”, like, I don’t necessarily feel like I need to fit into that category. I think what I do is very authentic to me and the brands that you know, want to work with me see that, and if other people etcetera don’t agree, then they’re probably not people I want to align myself with either.

Q) What is your big picture for the future?

A) I always want to continue to create content, continue to, you know, speak on the important things that I, I think are important that I think people need to hear, like, I love this role. I’ve kind of, I haven’t given myself, I feel my fans I’ve given myself, you know, of like, being a big sister like being there for them, but also like, I’m starting to do music.


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Q) Obviously, right now, is a very sensitive time, being a queer person, being a woman, what are your current thoughts on Roe vs. Wade?

A) I’m absolutely infuriated. I truly don’t understand. It feels dystopian, almost like how nine people can just decide whatever they want at any given time. , I’m just very upset, because how do guns have more freedom than people’s bodies? How are they saying it’s about children?

Q) How do you feel at the moment with your platform, do you feel you have a responsibility to people who follow you to mobilize with some capacity when it comes to rights like this?

A) I want to talk about these things I want to protect my fans and my followers and even people who aren’t following me, like, the community I’ve built is so based on like protection of each other, and encouraging each other and, you know, going through things together and so like, that’s my responsibility, but I also want to do it like I want to, you know, send people correct links of like, where we can go, I want us to be able to talk about how infuriated we are like, have the open space to be upset, especially just, you know, for, you know, feminine people and women and like queer people, like, it’s not okay for all of us to be upset sometimes.


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