Co-Workers Sarcastically Decorate Colleague’s Desk After Resignation In Viral TikTok

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We all have had that one co-worker that drives us up the wall, but how far would you go to celebrate their departure from the job? Justin Matthews of TikTok, took to the app to show off the decorations he put up in the former cubicle of his co-worker, who unexpectedly quit from the job. In response to resignation, Matthews and his colleagues pulled out all the stops to make sure their co-worker jokingly knew he would not be missed.

In the video, they filled his binders with annoying glitter, blew up balloons that read “loser,” and “good riddance,” and topped it all off with letters reading “you’re dead to us now.” We are not exactly sure what their colleague did to make them so upset or if it is all sarcastic love, but we have to assume this office is a tight knit crew. Watch the video for yourself:


When your favorite coworker quits out of the blue. ????

♬ original sound – Justin Matthews

In the video, Justin Matthews can be heard giving his tour of the cubical sarcastically saying,

“So we have a coworker that is leaving us tomorrow and we wanted to make sure he has a really, really nice send off, so we decorated his desk, and gave him well wishes and really just wanted to let him know how much we appreciate him and everything he’s done for us.”

The Reactions Are Mixed

Some people think Matthews and his co-workers are hilarious, while others do not find the decorations funny in the slightest. While Justin assured everyone that the whole setup was a joke, many still were not laughing.

Adam wrote, “I would murder someone over the confetti/glitter LOL. But this is amazing!” Have you ever cleaned up glitter? It is not fun.


This person did not enjoy the video, commenting, “petty negativity you really showed us your personality.” Oof, he is not Justin Matthew’s ‘Biggest Fan.’

Janet Gutierrez wrote, “This is funny, but I’m shocked that HR let you guys do this.”

The video gave Dayna a flashback to when she, “used to wrap our coworkers cars in seran wrap after putting a million post-its all over the car when they quit. But THIS is awesome.”


Michelle V S also did not find the prank funny, and wrote, “Not awesome. You don’t know what’s going on with someone when they leave.”

Follow Up Video

For those us wondering how the former co-worker responded to the prank, Justin Matthews posted a follow up video. The colleagues gather around to wait for him singing, “For he’s a jolly good loser…”

The co-worker was speechless and could not contain his laughter when seeing his desk covered in glitter and sarcastic messages plastered around the cubicle.


Reply to @savannaleota

♬ original sound – Justin Matthews

These videos are giving us major Jim and Dwight vibes from ‘The Office,’ and we can only imagine their relationship is just as complicated.

Have you ever pranked a co-worker? Put a stapler in Jello? Post-it covered a their car? Let us know in the comments!

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