Colleen Ballinger Drops “Toxic Gossip Train” Ukulele Song On Apple Music

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 04: Colleen Ballinger, Miranda Sings arrives at the Nickelodeon's 2023 Kids' Choice Awards at Microsoft Theater on March 04, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
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YouTube creator and comedian Colleen Ballinger is now taking one step further to monetize her ukulele song “Toxic Gossip Train.” Ballinger was accused of child grooming and inappropriate interactions with minors after former fan turned digital creator Adam McIntyre came forward with screenshots from a group chat called “Weenies”.

The group chat was composed of all minors at the time, and Ballinger repeatedly shared inappropriate details about her divorce from Joshua David Evans, asked McIntyre about his virginity, and even sent him lingerie. It was later revealed that the comedian had additionally sent nude images of fellow YouTube Creator Trisha Paytas to the group to allegedly poke fun at her body.

Paytas later spoke out on the text messages, referring to them as “barbaric” and “misogynistic.” Paytas and Ballinger had recently started a podcast at the time that the allegations were released. As of today, Paytas announced her decision to step away from the project.

Ballinger then filmed a ten minute YouTube video in which she attempted to explain herself over strumming a ukulele. The track, titled “Toxic Gossip Train,” is now for sale on Apple Music for $9.99.

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Social Media Reactions

Many were not surprised, but disappointed by Ballinger’s choice to further monetize the song. The comedian cancelled the remainder of her tour yesterday amid the backlash, but continues to deny the mounting allegations against her.

McIntyre addressed the track’s Apple Music release, continuing to assert his stance on the situation.


Another former fan and member of the Weenies group chat, Becky, appeared to criticize the move as well.

The comedian is now also issuing copyright claims on the track due to the thousands of social media users duetting and reacting to it on YouTube and TikTok. The apparent cash grab stemming from the serious abuse allegations is raising further ire from the internet.



Ballinger is still yet to apologize to any of the former fans who have levied allegations against her.

Ballinger was also in the spotlight as of late when she was accused of wearing blackface. Representatives came out to deny that the popular personality online did not portray this to fans but instead had leftover makeup from a “Wicked” performance on stage. Many fans have issued their anger as representatives for the disgraced YouTuber have not commented on any of the allegations facing Ballinger online. Ballinger recently cancelled the remaining dates of her tour. Some have theorized that the bad press surrounding the personality is one to blame.

There has been no comment from Apple on whether or not the singer has been climbing to the top of the charts on the platform due to the allegations. Many are interested to see how many listeners the track will rake in as well.

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