Daniel Silva ARRESTED After Tragic Death of YouTuber Corey La Barrie

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It is truly sad to report on topics like this, but YouTuber Corey La Barrie has passed away on his birthday and it was a result of a drinking and driving incident. 

“Ink Master” Star Daniel Silva is reported to be potentially booked for murder charges after a fatal car crash that killed YouTuber Corey La Barrie. It happened to be Corey’s birthday and the two of them were on their way home from a party around 9PM Sunday night. 

When the incident occurred, law enforcement showed up to a Mclaren sports car crashed into a street sign and a tree where the passenger took most of the force from the crash. 

The driver, alleged to be Silva, did not suffer life-threatening injuries from the crash but La Barrie unfortunately did. Reports say that Silva suffered a broken hip while La Barrie was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. Sources are reporting that Silva may be booked for murder due to the incident. Not a whole lot of information is available at this time but what we do know is that the two were traveling at a high speed before the crash. Silva was seen drinking earlier in the night but it has not been determined the result of the crash.

La Barrie’s brother wrote in an instagram post “ This isn’t something i thought i would ever have to sit here and type out for a very long time or what i wanna do right now but everyone deserves to know, my brother Corey passed away last night in a car accident with his drunk friend driving… this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do i dont how I’m suppose to do this without you i miss you so much already this isn’t fair thank you for always being the best big brother i could ask for i love you so — much life’s never gonna be the same without you R.I.P❤️ P.S say hi to grandad and grandma for me i love you.”

A lot of the Youtube community has been mourning the death of La Barrie as well. With over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, La Barrie touched a lot of people in his time online and offline. Some responses from the incident include tweets from Trevor Moran saying “I am so heartbroken” Bazzi posted “RIP corey la barrie … such a sad day. the few times we met he was so kind and i know so many people in this city who absolutely adored him – life is so precious & nothing is promised ):”


And Elijah Daniel Shared: “holy —, I don’t even know what to say.. rip @coreylabarrie, you were the class clown and i had so much fun on reality house with you this is fucking stupid i hate this.”

We are sending our condolences to the family of Corey La Barrie at this time. As more details unfold we as well as many others should give the family their space to recover. As always thanks for watching this video. Please be sure to stay safe and please make sure that you are taking care of yourselves at this time while everyone is at home staying protected. If you have any circumstances to celebrate please do responsibly.

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