Former Nickelodeon Star Drake Bell Found Safe After Reported Missing by Daytona Police

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Drake Bell, Police, Drake and Josh, Nickelodeon, Daytona
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Drake Bell, best known for his role as Drake Parker in the hit Nickelodeon Show Drake and Josh, has been declared as missing. This all comes as the Daytona Police declared the star last seen on April 12th. 

The disappearance of Bell sent shockwaves to people on social media. The Daytona Police Department is currently looking for the former Nickelodeon star last seen traveling in a 2022 grey BMW. According the report, Bell went missing Wednesday April 12th just before 9:00 PM “potentially” in the area of Mainland High School.

The statement claims “he is considered missing and endangered.” Daytona Police have declined to comment any further on the situation and on who reported the star as missing. The department will not let the public know about any leads or suspected cause of disappearance. 

The Daytona Police Department took to Facebook to spread the news and also clarified that the situation was indeed real. The post reply read “For those asking, this is a legitimate post from the Daytona Beach Police Department. If you have any information, please contact Detective Jayson Wallace.”

Later on, police found the star. “We can confirm law enforcement officials are in contact and Mr. Bell is safe,” a spokesperson for the Daytona Beach Police told Page Six.

Former Charges Against Drake Bell

Drake Bell rose to fame as a child star alongside Nickelodeon talent Amanda Bynes from The Amanda Show and Josh Peck, his co-star in Drake and Josh. Bell made headlines back in 2021 after pleading guilty to child endangerment. 

The star served two years of probation after appearing in court. The Nick talent also served 200 hours of community service. Back in the 2010s, Bell became acquainted with a minor online who was a fan of the star. The former Nick cast member exchanged messages online and met up with a young girl.


Bell explained why he took the guilty plea in an Instagram video and claims has not been arrested or gone to jail. Drake admitted there were reckless text messages but admits there was no sexual contact and was unaware of the young girl’s age. 

Bell stated, “I know that this has moved very quickly for you, but for me, it’s been a three-year, thorough investigation into every false claim that has been made. And, it’s not me telling you that the claims are false, but the state of Ohio has proven the claims to be false. If these claims were remotely true, my situation would be very different. I would not be here at home with my wife and my son.”

Bell wanted to get  back to making music and thanked those who saw through the “lies.”

The court claimed Bell did exchange explicit photos online and engaged in sexual conduct with the young girl on several occasions. This also included a 2017 concert venue in Cleveland and at a hotel. The young girl stated in court that Bell began grooming her at the young age of 12-years-old.

The minor even went on to say the relationship did start to turn sexual when she turned 15-years-old. She also stated his remarks made her feel uncomfortable as she “idolized” Bell. The former Nick star’s attorney stated there was no evidence to hold in court. However, Bell took the guilty plea to “get this over quickly” and get back to doing what he loves. 

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