Drake Breaks Legendary Beatles Record – Most Top 10 Songs in Single Year!

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Drake has had a year where we could not escape his name. It was a year that was divided by two major stories — the excellent release of Scorpion that included a music video that reunited the cast of Degrassi, and The Story of Adidon, Pusha T’s all too revealing mixtape which sent Drake’s life into absolute chaos. Whatever the reasons you talked about Drake it clearly paid off as the artist just broke a legendary record first achieved by The Beatles: the most songs in the Billboard 100 Top 10 in a single year!

Gasp! A hard day’s gasp!

The Beatles had 11 songs in the Top 10 in 1964, but good old Aubrey Graham had TWELVE. This includes, as measured by Billboard:

No. 1 (11 weeks), “God’s Plan,” Feb. 3
No. 7, “Diplomatic Immunity,” Feb. 3
No. 5, “Look Alive” (BlocBoy JB feat. Drake), March 3
No. 10, “Walk It Talk It” (Migos feat. Drake), April 14
No. 1 (eight weeks), “Nice for What,” April 21
No. 6, “Yes Indeed” (Lil Baby & Drake), June 2
No. 2, “Nonstop,” July 14
No. 7, “I’m Upset,” July 14
No. 8, “Emotionless,” July 14
No. 9, “Don’t Matter to Me” (Drake feat. Michael Jackson), July 14
No. 1 (10 weeks), “In My Feelings,” July 21
No. 5 (to date), “MIA,” Bad Bunny feat. Drake, Oct. 27

Well uhhh… I guess, congrats Drake! Make sure to drive around and rub it into the still living Beatles’ faces. How does McCartney feel about you beating his 54 year old record? Pretty crappy I bad. Man oh man. How about Ringo Starr. He doesn’t sign autographs! Come show him what it means to be a true star! The boor! The boor, say I!

Ah well, whatever. What do you think of Drake’s accomplishment? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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