Drake Drops Surprise Album “Honestly, Nevermind”

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Mark Brown/Getty Images

Although Drake made fans wait almost a year for the release of his last album, this time Drake released his newest album “Honestly, Nevermind” as a surprise for his fans, making them wait about six hours. The album, the rapper’s seventh, contains 14 tracks and was dedicated to Vigil Abloh. Abloh was a Black designer known for breaking barriers as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton men’s wear. In 2021, he passed away after battling a form of rare cancer for two years.

Interestingly, Drake’s announcement comes after Beyoncé, known for her surprise album drops, announced an album six weeks away. Drake is known to dominate streaming apps, as his hits like “One Dance” or “Hotline Bling” are some of the best performing songs on Spotify. He is also the 8th most popular artist on the streaming service.

According to Pitchfork, the album, which only has 14 tracks, “leans heavily on contemporary African pop” and has a lot of nostalgia pointing toward late 2000s dance music. This is Drake’s first house album, a genre of electronic dance music featuring repetitive “four-on-the-floor” beats. Some people like this, while others were not the biggest fans. Others, however, enjoyed this sound and thought of it as the best dancing album for the summer. The album reminds some of the 2017 song “Passionfruit” which is a loved song by many. One fan joked that Drake made the song into an entire album, and they weren’t mad about it. “Drake album ain’t even bad some of y’all just only listen to two genres of music.”

GQ wrote, “light on features and more musically cohesive than anything he’s put out in years, we find Drake once again diving into the worlds of Afrobeats and house music that he has in the past, but for nearly a full hour as opposed to just a couple tracks.” So, although not everyone is the biggest fan of this new release, other people will be dancing to it for the rest of the summer.


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