Taylor Swift Fans are Freaking Out on Twitter after She Announces “This Love” (Taylor’s Version)

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Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Earlier today, “This Love” (Taylor’s Version) debuted as it was featured in the new trailer for an Amazon series “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” Now, after Taylor Swift announced that the song will be released tonight, fans are convinced we are officially in the 1989 era. If you know anything about Swiftie’s, you’ll know that they are a little bit of a sleuth. So, now fans are looking for signs to see when 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will be announced. But, since Swift has released merch recently related to her earlier album “Speak Now,” some fans cannot decide which one will be coming next.

Since Swift did not announce if she would be releasing the re-recording of “1989”, fans cannot help but speculate. A few months ago, when fans were awaiting “Red” (Taylor’s Version) Swift released “Wildest Dreams” which was in the “1989” album originally. Now, fans believe this new release of a 1989 song point to the fact that she will soon be announcing the recording of the album.d

So, Swifties definitely have their theories. For one, it is the fifth day of the fifth month, and 1989 is Swift’s fifth album. And, with the color scheme on her website indicating the colors of the 1989 album, many are convinced. But still, since Swift also has “Speak Now” merch on her website as well, some wonder if Swift will drop the albums side-by-side as a surprise.


Swift is known for leaving easter eggs for her long-term fans to figure out and guess her next move. But, after Swift dropped “Folklore” and “Evermore” without any warnings, fans never know what to expect. And, since Swift has been pretty quiet for the last few months, fans are even more curious to see what she has planned. One fan on Twitter wrote, “The fact that the first song she gonna release from 1989 TV this year is the one who the only self-written in the record is a very Taylor Swift move.” So, I guess only time will tell to see what Taylor Swift will do next.

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