Gen Z Finance Personality Hannah Williams Launches New Salary Database

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Hannah Williams from Salary Transparent Street.
Photo/Brandon Showers

Gen Z Finance personality and TikTok phenomenon Hannah Williams just launched Salary Transparent Street’s brand new Salary Database.

Willams is best known for her viral videos on social media that showcases a better look at salaries across the globe. With her interviews on the street, Williams has helped further the conversation for women, people of color and other minorities.

In a statement to What’s Trending, Williams stated, “The entire purpose of our channel is to share information about different careers and salaries to help workers advocate for themselves. Our goal is to empower workers through the power of transparency, which brings more power to workers not just in the overall economy, but also in the office.”


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When it comes to hopping jobs, Williams also advocates for people to explore and see what’s around their current market.

“Studies have also shown that having loyalty and staying longer with your employer leads to smaller wage growth compared to switching jobs. All this to say, don’t job-hop solely for money, each switch you make should strategically strengthen your resume by providing you with more skills and experience.”

Williams notes that she has a lot of people find her videos on TikTok, where she currently holds over 1.2 million followers.


The personality says she started making the videos when she herself found out she was underpaid.


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Williams stated “I found out I was underpaid about $25,000 in my prior career as a Senior Data Analyst because of secrecy in the hiring process. […] I had entered the workforce shortly before the pandemic and had witnessed the power workers can have to change things through the Great Resignation. This inspired my idea to conduct street interviews asking people how much they make to show how valuable these conversations can be. I filmed and shared our first video all on the same day, April 16th, 2022, and it went mega-viral overnight.”

And when it comes to comments on the street, Hannah loves to see people take her video content for their own personal growth.

“It never gets old when people tell me my page has helped them advocate for themselves and make more money. Knowing I’ve created something that has truly changed people’s lives is an honor I don’t take lightly.”


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But for some, finding a new job isn’t always easy. Williams recommends a few other ways for those who may be a little bit shy when it comes to putting yourself out there.

“Networking is the number one way people are finding their jobs. It’s also the number one thing we hear people say in the comments that they hate. As an introvert myself (shocking, I know), my advice to them would be to use the tools at your disposal to start making connections. Take your colleagues out for coffee or lunch, and ask them about their careers. Send a message to someone with a title that interests you in your location on LinkedIn. Being genuine in your efforts to learn more will open many doors, making networking feel much less painful.”

Users online can check out the new salary database for information on their job today.

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