Hailey Bieber Post About Halloween Resurfaces And Confuses The Internet

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PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 28: Hailey Bieber is seen arriving to the Rhode launch event during Paris Fashion Week on September 28, 2023 in Paris, France.
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Hailey Bieber, now known for her seasonal treat named makeup looks, was once asked in an Instagram Q&A about her thoughts on Halloween. Fans of the model and beauty entrepreneur were met with a Christianity infused explanation against the holiday.

Bieber and her husband, pop star Justin Bieber, have long been open about their devoutly Christian views. Hailey Bieber was raised in an Evangelical christian family, a sect of faith her husband joined later in life. They both previously attended the highly controversial Hillsong Church, eventually switching to Churchome. The convoluted messaging of the post is now starting conversation on X.

Halloween began in Scotland and Ireland, then known in Old English as All Hallow’s Eve. The holiday has always had Christian roots with Celtic pagan influences, according to historians. Many contemporary sects of Christianity, Roman Catholicism included, celebrate All Saint’s Day as a way to pay homage to saints and deceased love ones. The costume wearing is likely born from an old Gaelic pre-Christian festival called Samhain.

Social Media Reactions

Some felt that Bieber’s post was excessive, and appeared to seek to convert her followers to Christianity.

Others felt that the explanation was not necessary, as Halloween has become largely commercialized.


Elsewhere, some used the post to comment further on the Bieber’s association with Hillsong, and the controversies the church is facing. Hillsong leader Frank Houston was accused of sexual abuse, with Brian Houston accused of covering it up. Additionally, the church allegedly committed tax fraud, and pastors from the church frequently espoused homophobic views.

Some compared the length of the post to the lengthy text found on the side of a Dr. Bronner’s soap bottle.

Some allege that the text was actually a repost from former Hillsong pastor Nathan Finochio. Finochio has since left the church and founded a different church. Some sense that Bieber reposted the meme to poke fun at more extreme views within Christianity, while others feel that she must have agreed with it if she reposted it.


Despite these seemingly strong views on Halloween, Bieber has participated in the holiday in recent years, dressing up as Britney Spears, Barbie, and more.

While it remains unclear if Bieber still feels this way about the holiday, she continues to speak out on her faith regularly.


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Justin Bieber has refrained from commenting on Halloween over the years. The Biebers were married in 2018, and recent scandals alleged that Bieber cheated on longtime ex girlfriend Selena Gomez with Hailey Balwin-Bieber. Both women spoke out in support of one another following a series of viral social media conspiracy theories.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 29: Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber are seen at Air Pegasus Heliport on August 29, 2023 in New York City.
NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 29: Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber are seen at Air Pegasus Heliport on August 29, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)


Bieber’s Halloween costume for the year is yet to be revealed.

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