Hoodies: A Clothing Piece That Knows No Boundaries

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Mohamed Faramawy/Pexels

Hoodies – also known as hooded sweatshirts – were invented in the 1930s. Over generations, this comfortable garment has filtered throughout society gaining in popularity to become one of the most beloved clothing pieces. Regardless of age, gender, social status or style, hoodies can form an essential part of any wardrobe. This article will give an overview of hoodies and their appeal, assessing how this garment has become so revered and timeless within fashion.

Cross-societal affordability 

The first (and arguably most significant) reason hoodies evolved to become so widespread can be traced to the fundamental fact that virtually everyone can afford to own one. Hoodies are available across multiple price ranges – from luxurious designer pieces to more affordable cheap hoodies, it is possible to discover a hooded garment that matches your budget. Moreover, with the proliferation of hoodies throughout society, finding bargain designer hoodies in second-hand stores is not uncommon.

Hoodies are naturally comfortable

Hoodies are possibly the most comfortable piece of clothing a person can add to their wardrobe. They are extremely flexible in terms of context – as lounge house wear, for skateboarding with friends, or beneath a suit jacket to underpin a smart-casual style for nights out. Hoodies are typically made from soft fabric, lending comfort in a myriad of daily situations.

Potential for customization

Hoodies hold limitless potential for customization – they can be chopped, cropped, tie-dyed, bleached, or distressed to ever-changing fashions and what is currently trending. Ultimately, they can be adapted and personalized to match any taste and lifestyle. For ideas and inspiration, search websites such as YouTube and Pinterest to find a plethora of tutorials and how-to guides on turning your old hoodie into a custom piece. Experiment with color and consider adding exotic patterns, or keep it minimal with text or images you have designed yourself on a white, gray, or black base.

Finally, regardless of your style, you can easily find an ideal hoodie that fits. Oversized hoodies with short shorts and knee-high socks are a classic outfit choice; however, with thigh-high boots, you can easily replicate the famous Ariana Grande look. If you are a leisure enthusiast, search for pieces made with moisture-wicking fabrics to promote both style and comfort. For a more “careless” theme, simply layer an oversized zip-up hoodie over any other garments. In conclusion, hoodies are a must-have garment that never go out of fashion.

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