“To Be Or Not To Be”: Tips on How To Become An Actor Or Actress

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Fame, fans, loads of money – pretty common things for popular film actors, theater, and television. And a dream for many who admire their movie stars as a viewer.

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When And How To Start An Acting Career

Experts say that it is better to start learning the acting profession from an early age. But talent, if it exists, can be revealed in adulthood, as in the actor Adam Driver. With only a couple of successful productions behind him at school and service in the U.S. 

Marine Corps, Adam entered the Juilliard School of the Arts in New York and made his stage debut at the age of 33. He then played the villain Kyle Reno in the Star Wars saga movies. And there are many similar scenarios for becoming an actor. 

So, age is not an obstacle to acting! However, theatrical universities accept applicants only up to 25 years. Commercial in this regard is much more loyal – to have money for training and pulsating in the head “want”.

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Where to start acting? You ask. Try to become a favorite hero of a movie, TV series, or even a video game. You have probably imagined yourself in his place more than once. In fact, you might want to employ the paper writing service MasterPapers if you’re a student. Dealing with all those annoying assignments won’t give you anything. However, practicing acting just might make you the next up-and-coming star!

Stand in front of a mirror and say the crowning phrase of the character, as accurately as possible reproducing his manner of facial expressions and gestures. Try again and again until it turns out perfectly. And how best to do it – read on. 

How To Get Used To The Role And Play The Image

To try on the image of someone, you need to use imagination. Mentally imagine this person and analyze it, try to answer the key questions: 


  • What drives her, what does he or she expect from himself and others?
  • What is the worldview of this character?
  • Does he/she have passions?
  • What are the positive and negative character traits?
  • How does he/she relate to other people’s laws, rules and values?
  • Is it material or spiritual person?
  • What life did the character live?

The more details you learn about him, the easier it will be to get used to the role. Next, based on the characteristics of the character, work on his basic facial expressions and build a small monologue in the image – a complete clear story in one or two paragraphs, which will allow you to feel the character “from and to.”

Image: Le Minh | Pexels

The monologue is the most powerful exercise for a novice actor or actress and the most relevant format for assessing acting abilities at castings in Hollywood and European studios. With its help, you should try to learn to feel what changes can be made in emotional differences, accents, because the same type of game will be very boring to perceive from the outside.

For maximum impersonation, professional actors often go to radical manipulations with their own bodies. For example, Joaquin Phoenix for the role of a maniac-sociopath Joker lost 20 kg. And was awarded an Oscar for Best Actor. After injections of testosterone to gain mass, actors take Clomid to restore argonism. But the most uncompromising attitude to himself for the sake of the correct image on the screen was noted by his colleague Christian Bale. In preparation for the filming of The Machinist, the actor lost a whopping 55 kg and then gained almost 45 for the next role.

Of course, such big changes require lots of time and effort. And if you’re a college student, then you’re most likely buried under numerous assignments. In that case, employ expert help from Masterpapers and finally do the things you really want to do.

How To Become A Professional Actor

The actor needs to find a place where he can realize his talent, in addition to the alma mater. Try to take part in a drama club and amateur theaters in your city. This is necessary to quickly get used to the scene and not be afraid of it. Do not look for ideal conditions: a real artist can play a role even in strong winds, headaches, and chaos on stage.

Most often visit theaters to watch the work of pros live, take part in the mass during the filming of movies and TV series. Communicate more with colleagues in the shop – they will always tell you the places where directors and casting agents to gather.


Don’t forget to watch your appearance, because this is an important aspect of the acting profession. Regularly visit hairdressers, barbershops, beauticians, as well as the gym to keep your body in shape. And be sure to book a photoshoot for the portfolio, which will be required for rehearsals for the role.

To Sum Up

Becoming an actor requires a lot from a person. You have to approach this goal smartly just like you would pick a writing service – Review of the Top 5 Academic Assistance Platforms. Put in the work, and it will definitely pay off!


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