Howard Stern Slams Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert For Public Indecency At ‘Beetlejuice’

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Longtime radio host Howard Stern had a lot to say about GOP Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert on “The Howard Stern” show today. Stern has long been a critic of the Republican party, especially since the beginning of Donald Trump‘s presidency in 2016.

Boebert was caught on video participating in sexually explicit behavior in a public theater in Denver, Colorado during a stage performance of “Beetlejuice.” The Representative was also seen vaping indoors. This comes after years of Boebert espousing homophobic views, particularly against drag queens, claiming that they are “sexual predators” who “groom children.” Additionally, Boebert once claimed she did not know anything about vaping.

Stern referred to the GOP Representative as a “disgrace to this country.”

The Denver Post confirmed that Boebert and her date were removed from the theater amid complaints from theatergoers. The objective hypocrisy of Boebert’s views juxtaposed with her actions at the show is shocking onlookers, especially given the family-friendly nature of “Beetlejuice.”

While many agreed with some of Stern’s remarks, many felt that the host did not have the room to speak on it. Stern, now known for his lengthy interviews with musicians and politicians, began his career as a “shock jock”, often making sexually explicit jokes and making inappropriate jokes at the expense of guests.


Howard Stern speaks onstage at "Howard Stern's Birthday Bash" presented by SiriusXM, produced by Howard Stern Productions at Hammerstein Ballroom on January 31, 2014 in New York City.
NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 31: Howard Stern speaks onstage at “Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash” presented by SiriusXM, produced by Howard Stern Productions at Hammerstein Ballroom on January 31, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Boebert’s History of Homophobia

GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is notoriously pro-gun, homophobic, pro-life, and pro-Christian Nationalism. Christian Nationalism refers to the belief that the U.S. should have a Christian directed government based entirely upon religious principles.

Boebert, a teen mom herself, found Christianity after the birth of her first son. Boebert and ex-husband Jayson Boebert previously owned Shooter’s Grill in Rifle, Colorado. The gun themed restaurant, which encouraged patrons to open carry weapons, shut down in 2022. Boebert’s ex husband was once also arrested for an alleged incident of public indecency, in which he reportedly showed his genitals to a group of teenaged girls in a bowling alley.

The Representative is now a grandmother at 36 years old, after one of her teenaged sons welcomed his first child this year. The strange rift in teen pregnancies and Boebert’s staunchly conservative Christian views is one that her critics have taken note of.

Additionally, Boebert has continuously claimed homophobic views on the LGBTQ+ community also due to her religious beliefs. Her pre-marital pregnancy, and now recent public indecency incident, have many sensing that the call is coming from inside the house.


Boebert was a part of several representatives involved in a slew of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation earlier this year.

Specifically, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado have both espoused these beliefs, with Boebert notoriously saying that she is “tired of this separation of church and state junk.” Political commentator Jon Stewart previously called out both representatives on his show.

Stewart pointed out a major flaw in the Republican lawmakers’ arguments against drag performers–that they have never been a leading cause of death for children, and that assault rifles remain the leading cause of death. In 2023, there have been 80 recorded mass shootings.

Boebert’s Response

The Representative apologized for the public disturbance. She claimed that she “fell short of her values.” Ironically, it is alleged that Boebert’s date for the evening owns a drag bar in Denver. These reports still await further confirmation. Stern is yet to speak further on the matter at this time.

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