The Immortal Snail Question Is On TikTok and The Videos Are Hilarious

"I thrive knowing you will never rest"
By Rayiah Ross
Image: Know Your Meme

Recycling old memes has never been this fun. The meme in question happens to be the immortal snail question from 2014, and people are having a ball re-enacting their POVs on TikTok. The meme revolved around an essential question: Would you take millions of dollars in exchange for being trailed by a snail—which kills you if it touches you—for the rest of your life?

The Origin of the Snail Question

While it’s become popular again in the last few months, it’s already ancient in internet years: Know Your Meme traces its origin back to an August 2014 episode of Rooster Teeth Podcast. The scenario was initially proposed by Rooster Teeth personality Gavin Free. He explained that you’re given $10 million but in exchange, you’re followed by a snail for the rest of your life, and if it touches you you’re dead. Additionally, the money gives you immortality but the snail is also immortal.


What would y’all do to eacape the snail #immortalsnail #foryou #snail #thesnail

♬ original sound – Jacob Baughman

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While the question remained popular for Reddit users throughout the years, its rise to fame in 2021 happened when user Marshmallows posted a reference to the snail meme on with a caption that read: “Me and the snail, billions of years in the future as the dying sun closes in on the Earth.”

The Resurgence on TikTok

Flash forward to 2021 and the Immortal Snail has had a comeback thanks to TikTok.  The majority of the videos are also set to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’, the same track used in the viral post.


Could’ve done more, but oh well. My take on the snail trend. #thesnail #snail #meme #art #animation #fypシ #drawing

♬ original sound – Jacob Baughman

The hashtag #thesnail has 193.6 million views and the #immortalsnail hashtag has 153.9 million views. The real content, though, is the top videos of creators proposing hilarious and outlandish scenarios for escaping the snail. 


#snail #thesnail #foryou

♬ original sound – Jacob Baughman

Even further than that, some TikTok users have even put themselves in the perspective of the snail fulfilling its lifelong purpose of killing its victim.


It’s inevitable we will meet my friend #immortalsnail #joinus #fyp

♬ original sound – Jacob Baughman

Overall, the trend has been a lot of fun even if it is about being chased by a snail. Now the real question is, would you take the money and defeat the snail?