#InMyFeelings Challenge Has People Jumping Out of Moving Cars, Almost Dying

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It’s been a hell of a month for Drake giving the meme and challenging adoring internet things to do and moves to dance to. However folks, it is with a heavy heart that I proclaim… the #InMyFeelings challenge is getting out of hand! People are endangering themselves jumping out of moving cars!


Instagrammer @theshiggyshow came up with a dance to Drake’s “In My Feelings” that everyone loved and loved to wiggle to, as is their want. This created the #inmyfeelingschallenge, and it’s gotten crazier and crazier.


In a constant effort to one-up everyone, people are now jumping out of moving cars!

And the results are not pretty, with this next user claiming she almost died. Guys, it looks dire. I implore you, don’t jump out of moving cars. Even if it is to complete a challenge from the guy from Degrassi. Please, we beg of you.


@justjamiie even parodied the new craze with a hilarious video, advising everyone not to try this. Good advice, I think.


What do you think of this new dangerous addition to the challenge? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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