Ivermectin is Trending on Twitter After a Study Reveals it Does Not Help Covid-19 Hospitalizations

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A recent study from The New England Journal of Medicine reveals that the anti-parasitic Ivermectin does not reduce the risk of hospitalizations when infected with COVID-19. This study was actually posted earlier this month but gained traction when it was posted on Twitter. To produce the study, the researchers conducted a “conducted a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, adaptive platform trial involving symptomatic SARS-CoV-2–positive adults recruited from 12 public health clinics in Brazil.” And although the study “effectively ruled out the drug as a treatment for Covid,” there was a lot of conversation on the app about the drug and if doctors should prescribe it for patients with COVID-19.

Although the study suggests otherwise, many on Twitter thanked the drug for helping them with COVID-19 and believe it is the best treatment for coming over the virus. Ivermectin became popular in 2021, with physicians noting that they are seeing an uprise in requests for the medicine. And although many suggested against it and would not prescribe it, many believe it was what helped them when infected with COVID-19. One person wrote “Ivermectin works. I know this because my entire family took it.” With over 15 thousand likes, it seems that many people agreed with this sentiment. A candidate for the Arizona government, Kari Lake, called it a “wonder drug” and believed that this news was suppressed.


With that idea of impression, many also celebrated Elon Musk’s recent buy of Twitter, stating that they were free to mention Ivermectin without the risk of being deleted. Although it is probably too soon for Musk to be making changes to Twitter, many felt like they now had the opportunity to express what the anti-parasitic drug did for their health. Still, many insisted that it is beneficial to listen to the studies, especially since the recent one was “the largest randomized, double-blind trial yet conducted.”


Many wondered why the study had to be done at all, but many thought it was necessary due to the political nature of the virus. Overall, it seems that despite the studies, many believe that it helped them recover, while others believe that we should be working to prevent the virus.

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