Jake Paul Calls Biden Supporters the “American Problem” and Sparks Controversy Online

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Sarah Stier/Getty Images

 Youtube influencer turned boxer Jake Paul took his political beliefs to Twitter, but it is sparking some controversy. On the app, he explained his top complaints about President Biden, saying his biggest accomplishments were “highest gas prices, worst inflation, plummeting crypto prices, highest rent prices ever, created new incomprehensible language.” With 22 thousand retweets and 129 thousand likes on Twitter, the tweet definitely started some controversy. He ends the tweet by saying “If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem,” which is quite a bold statement. These tweets also come about a month after Logan Paul, Jake’s brother, claimed that he would be running for president once he turns 35.

After previously claiming he would run for president when he is older, he told the Wall Street Journal that he would run for president in 2032 when he would be 35 years old, which is the minimum age to run for president. He also hinted he would make his brother secretary of defense. Now, Jake Paul takes his political stance on Twitter, and although some agree with his claims, not everyone agrees. Some tried to explain to Paul why his grievances, although very real concerns for many Americans, do not exactly point fault to Biden’s presidency.

According to the NY Times, consumer prices increased by “8.6 percent over the year through May, the fastest rate of increase in four decades.” With things like gas and groceries increasing, along with the housing crisis and consistent rise in rent prices as well, many worry about how they will continue to be able to provide for themselves and their families. But, according to an economics professor, “it’s arguable that Europe has an inflation problem as bad as or worse than ours,” which points to the fact that it is not Biden’s doing that is making the economy so bad right now. 


 Many also found an issue that one of Paul’s main concerns was the decreasing price of cryptocurrency, which Biden also does not control. Although a study reports that 21% of adults have dabbled in cryptocurrency, it is not an issue that affects all Americans the way gas or rent prices do. “Are you… blaming Biden for crypto? The thing that is advertised as uncontrollable by the government?” one person commented. Although many reiterated they probably wouldn’t be listening to politics from Jake Paul, who has not had a great reputation online, some worried that his fan base would be listening and could be influenced. “I am terrified of the idea of someone actually looking to Jake Paul for political advice,” one person said online.  Overall, Paul’s tweet was definitely controversial, which is unsurprising as far as politics go, but some are slightly concerned to see where Paul’s endorsements might head to. 


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