Jennette McCurdy Opens Up About Her Experience on “ICarly”

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Child actress Jennette McCurdy’s new memoir, titled “I’m Glad My Mom Died” comes out Aug. 9 that tells her heartbreaking upbringing and life in the public’s eye and complicated relationship with her mom while also managing to be funny, according to several reviews. In a recent interview with New York Times, she opens up about some of the content within her book, including her abusive mother who only cared about her daughter’s fame and success, along with some of the shocking events that took place on the set of ICarly.

Jennette McCurdy discusses some disturbing events from her childhood at the hands of her mom, who controlled every aspect of her life like shaving her legs and deciding what she would eat. She says she developed an eating disorder from this, along with OCD. Now that her mom has passed away almost a decade later, she has been able to break away from acting to give herself time to heal, as this represented the first time she was able to control her life fully. She also understands the shock her title brings to onlookers of her title, saying “I feel like I’ve done the processing and put in the work to earn a title or a thought that feels provocative.”

She does not only detail her mother’s impact on her life, but she also discusses what the set was like on ICarly. Although she does not use the creator of the show’s name, he is referenced and called “The Creator.” But, many immediately knew who she was most likely referring to Dan Schneider, the creator of the show and once beloved creator. Schneider has been accused of being “verbally abusive” and showcasing sexual innuendoes for the young actors to perform, although he states the comedy was innocent and denies being abusive or acting inappropriately with cast members.

McCurdy, however, “writes of being photographed in a bikini at a wardrobe fitting and being encouraged to drink alcohol by an intimidating figure she simply calls the Creator.” She also writes she denied an offer of $300,000 after she left Nickelodeon to never speak about her experiences at the network. She and Schneider began trending online, as people discuss how it seems McCurdy’s experiences have been swept under the rug. “They’ve definitely paid the rest of the Dan Schneider kids to stay silent,” one person on Twitter commented, although this has not been confirmed, many people suspected this to be true.


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