John Legend Becomes First Black Man to Win EGOT

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If you’re born with the last name, Legend, you know that you’re destined for major success. Luckily for John Legend, this is exactly the case. Other than being a really talented musician, a loving family man and an all-round great guy, Legend has now achieved EGOT status. If that wasn’t enough, he is also the first black male and the youngest person to ever achieve this, so getting this award was like a triple whammy of success.

If you don’t know what the EGOT is, it’s an acronym for the words, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards. John Legend has earned all four of these prestigious awards, and now holds the same achievement as some of the most iconic celebrities in history. Audrey Hepburn, Mel Brooks and Whoopie Goldberg, who was the first black person to gain this status, also have this title to their name, so you can see the level of talent one must have to achieve this status.

Fans, family and friends are so proud of Legend for achieving this, with many taking to Twitter to congratulate him on his success. Even his wife, Chrissy Teigen, posted a picture of the three EGOT winners on the night (which included Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice), titling the photo, ‘EGOT GOATS.’ The trio each rounded out their awards shelf with their phenomenal work for the TV presentation of Jesus Christ: Superstar where John Legend played Jesus Christ (Superstar).

She has such a way with words…


Honestly, if we are ever half as talented as John Legend is, we would feel like a success. Pushing the boat out a little further, if we ever got awarded the EGOT award, we hope that we could get a big necklace, a la 30 Rock’s Tracy Jordan, just show off how amazing we are.

Perhaps a Christmas gift for John?


And the tweet of all tweets to sum up this whole event…

Summed it up perfectly.

Are you proud of John Legend for getting this prestigious award? Do you know of any celebrities who are close to achieving the EGOT status? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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