Kanye Produced the PornHub Awards As Futuristic Art Mind Blowing Show

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Kanye is of course no stranger to self love, but I’m glad he went ahead and gave the partnership between him and self adoration and official title after — to the surprise of many horndogs with a sense of class and prestige — producing the PornHub awards last night. Kanye — along with his company DONDA and Willo Perron– produced the awards which were streamed on both PornHub and Kanye West’s website concurrently.

Kanye’s contribution to the awards were unmistakable. The awards took place in the year 6918, and Kanye’s ideas included awards in the shape of phallic pleasure devices (the “dildos” as us in the present would say) and nude presenters.


Additionally, the winners of the awards received Yeezy shirts with a painting of themselves nude on it, which is certainly unbelievably cool. Leave it to Kanye to make this kind of thing as cool as anything else he’s done (with one notable exception of course).

West additionally performed songs from each of the five albums he produced this year– and new ones, including the manic, weird, “Talking Heads” seemingly inspired music video produced by Spike Jonze, “I Love It” which featured Lil Pump and Adele Givens. Teyana Taylor, an artist currently represented by Kanye’s “GOOD Music” also performed, as videos by erotic film maker Richard Kern played in the background.


There were a few videos from the event which showed us this was indeed a Kanye West event. It’s impossible to not mistake the color palette, or the unique outfits, designed by Yeezy, Kanye’s fashion label. There’s nudity throughout the whole thing, which made us realize: there is no reason for porn to be gross, right? Kanye is bringing class to porn! Which seems like a more noble pursuit than bringing class to alt right politics.

Kanye, this is the good kind of shocking. Everyone likes porn, everyone likes you, you want to produce a higher volume of music than ever thought possible. Just keep working on porn and Spike Jonze inspired weirdness. It’s your passion!

Kanye’s relationship with PornHub began in public after the artist plugged the website on Jimmy Kimmel Live and PornHub gave him a complimentary premium account for a full year.

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