Mark Cuban Might Have Just Proven The Taylor Swift Effect

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Investing tycoon and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban might have just proven the Taylor Swift effect. Cuban tweeted about how he wished Swift would date one of the Dallas Mavericks players instead of pursuing her allegedly burgeoning relationship with NFL Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce. Cuban owns the NBA Dallas Mavericks, and after seeing the newfound attention on the Chiefs amid Swift’s appearance at a game, he jokingly hoped that gold would strike his own team next.

In response to Cuban’s suggestion, Kelce tweeted back “just sign me a 10 day” to the Mavericks, essentially joking that he would become a Maverick if it meant he could keep seeing Swift. The interaction has many recognizing Swift’s impact on the American economy, and the varying different sectors she has impacted through her tour and public life this year alone.

The Cultural Reset Of Swift’s “Seemingly Ranch”

Kelce has rapidly found fame as an NFL star in his own right, gaining new fans for the “New Heights” podcast he shares with his brother. A few months ago, his home stadium of Arrowhead was converted to a concert venue in the city for Swift’s tour, and the singer left a lasting impression on the NFL tight end.

The Kelce brothers recounted on their “New Heights” podcast that Travis became enchanted with Swift, and got creative with trying to get her attention. The NFL star admitted that he attempted to hand Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.

The friendship bracelets have become a big part of Swift’s tour experiences, and refer to a lyric from her song “You’re On Your Own Kid,” in which she sings “make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.” Kelce was following “Eras” etiquette and tried to get creative, but his message was at first lost in translation. The football star revealed his unique bracelet design on the “New Heights” podcast, to his brother’s amusement.

Eventually, Swift accepted Kelce’s invite to see him play at Arrowhead Stadium. Swift was photographed throughout the game, alongside Kelce’s family members, and eating what can only be referred to as “girl dinner” in TikTok terms. The singer was seen eating a chicken tender with a spot of ketchup and ranch, and later sipped on a vodka cranberry in the VIP box. An X user by the name of @tswifterastour originated the “seemingly ranch” phrase, and its viral status caught the attention of a variety of major companies.


Soon after the initial tweet went viral, memes following the “ketchup and seemingly ranch” format followed, including an entry from the Empire State Building, Heinz, and more.


Needless to say, economists and digital creators alike can’t help but notice the effect Swift has had across industries, including a boost in the economy overall from ticket sales to her ambitious “The Eras Tour.”


The power of Taylor Swifts brand and the community of swifties is like something we have never seen before! It is beyond wild!

♬ Enchanted – Instrumental With Background Vocals – Taylor Swift

Football season remains ongoing, and Swift’s Midas touch on the Kansas City Chiefs will never be forgotten.

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