McDonald’s Grimace Themed Shake Sparks Viral TikTok Trend

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McDonald’s “Grimace” character, allegedly inspired by a personified taste bud, inspired a purple milkshake from the fast food giant recently. The shake was released to commemorate the character’s birthday. Somehow, TikTok users giving it a taste test started a dramatic trend in which users sipped the purple shake and fictitiously died. The absurd trend began when users began joking about the shake’s suspicious purple color. The trend is rapidly spreading among young users on the platform, and does not appear to have a deeper meaning at this time.


Replying to @???? its been all over my fyp ???????? #grimace #fyp #mcdonalds #grimaceshake

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Users are getting creative about their peculiar deaths by Grimace shake. Some are recreating famous television and movie deaths, while others are dialing up the humor.

One TikTok user pointed out that McDonald’s workers must be getting frustrated with the trend, having to constantly make the shakes only for customers to destroy them.


#grimace #mcdonalds #grimaceshake

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The Analysis

Elsewhere, some are questioning whether the trend is somehow meant to be commentary on mass consumerism. The fast food chain has long been known for their Happy Meal and milkshake campaigns for popular film franchises and holidays. Many note how despite the trend seemingly insulting McDonald’s, it is still bringing in money for the company. The strange trend is changing marketing strategy.

Others feel that it showcases Gen Z’s unique sense of absurdist humor.

Some Twitter users are hoping that the trend inspires a Gen Z filmmaker to produce a Grimace themed horror movie.


McDonald’s is yet to officially comment on the ongoing phenomenon, but the Grimace massacre continues to rage across TikTok.

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