Mom Collects Processed Food To Fight Obesity in Viral TikTok Video

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Viral TikTok showing just how fast food really ages

TikTok user Elif Kandemir shared a video of her mum’s pantry collecting donuts, burritos, pizza, burgers, and many other fast-food items. Elif says the food has been sitting there a couple of years and is to show that “these foods shown here are processed foods that 80% of the UK consume on a regular basis.” Super crazy right? Who would’ve thought all the delicious goodliness that we enjoy won’t even decay? The video has accumulated over 3.4 million views and a variety of colorful responses from the world. Tiktok user Kiki Ren commented and said, “Probably still eat it” @Jay backdoored and commented, “how interesting—I’m here for a good time not a long time.”

It’s always real convenient for us to go and grab a bite to eat, something we find delicious and super-fast. The burgers and pizza, ice cream, french fries, chips, sugary drinks, all sorts of snacks we love to enjoy efficiently and at a fair price too. Isn’t that something too good to be true? When food was prepared in our youth it was meal prepped and cooked and we had to wait for it to finish and once we finished, we either threw it away or mom called us wasteful and kids around the world were starving while our food rotted. Today experiments have been done and studies show that a lot of our fast food does not rot. It in fact keeps its same look just maybe without the greasy texture over a course of time.

While commenters joke this shows just how tough it is for our bodies to break down foods of this magnitude. According to insider, “A group of Italian researchers followed 24,325 men and women age 35 and older for 10 years collecting data on their health and eating habits. They found that participants who ate a diet high in processed foods had a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, heart attack, or stroke. The more processed foods they ate, the greater the increase in risk, the data found.”

They also believed in  theory that sugar was a major role in the risk. Elif’s mother is a nutritionist hoping to tackle obesity and this would be one of her methods of showing people the stuff that we put into their bodies is very important to our survival.


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