New Theory On TikTok Suspects Taylor Swift Is A Secret Mystery Novelist

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Dear reader, some TikTok creators think Taylor Swift is secretly a novelist. The theory has long circulated on BookTok, and found a new viral audience through @chloeandpercy. Fans of Swift and a mysterious author named Elly Conway cannot help but try and connect the dots.

Swift has previously expressed an interest in directing a feature length film, and has directed a number of her own music videos. It was recently revealed that Conway’s spy novel “Argylle” had already booked a movie deal prior to publication. The cover of the novel shows a Scottish Fold cat in a cat carrier backpack, similar to one Swift was once photographed wearing with one of her own Scottish Fold cats being carried inside.


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The 2024 film was already announced to be directed by Matthew Vaughn and will star Henry Cavill and Bryce Dallas Howard. However, this has not stopped some from believing Swift wrote it.

The film and book reportedly intentionally break the fourth wall, and the novel follows the life of the writer behind the story. A glimpse of the fictionalized Conway in the film depicted a portrait of a woman with red hair worn in an updo on the back jacket of the book cover. TikTok noticed how similar the author’s style was to that of Swift at the end of the “All Too Well” short film.

To make matters more on the nose, Swift has long held an appreciation for the spy genre, recently plotting out a spy sequence alongside actor Taylor Lautner and actress Joey King for her “I Can See You” music video from “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).” Swift also used to call her band of touring musicians “The Agency” in homage to her love of the genre.

The TikTok creator then pointed out the most hidden-in-plain sight clue yet–a Conway Enterprises sweatshirt Swift wore in a behind-the-scenes snap from “The Eras Tour” rehearsal.



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The theory is rapidly gaining traction on X and TikTok. Some even took note of Howard’s bangs in the preview for the upcoming “Argylle” film, Swift’s trademark haircut.

Elsewhere, some Instagram sleuths discovered that Conway’s first post on the platform was made on December 13, 2022–Swift’s birthday. The account maintains minimal presence, sharing only professional news and using an image of a coffee cup as the profile photo. The anonymous nature of Conway’s social media and the timeline of the first post are further stoking the flames of the theory that Conway is actually Swift.

Conway additionally shared a tweet regarding seeing a fictionalized version of herself in the “Argylle” film, and Swifties suspect the wording indicates that Swift actually wrote the message.


Neither Swift nor Conway have confirmed of denied the theory at this time.

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