Olivia Rodrigo’s Look-Alike Goes Viral on TikTok

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This Halloween people were dressing up as their favorite celebrity including the widely popular Olivia Rodrigo. This is not a surprise with her latest album blowing up all over the charts being relatable and one you can just scream the lyrics to on a long drive.

Photo: Variety | Olivia Rodrigo

Doppelganger Who? 

Singer/actress Olivia Rodrigo is known for her album Sour that dropped this year as well as her roles in High School Musical The Musical: The Series as well as Bizaarvark. If you haven’t seen and heard one of her popular songs from the album ‘Sour’ titled ‘good 4 U’ wear she wears her iconic blue and white cheer uniform you have been living under a rock. If you haven’t been living under a rock you would spot that blue and white cheer uniform Olivia wore from anywhere, including in a viral video of someone who looks exactly like her.


Happy Halloween #fyp

♬ original sound – Addy

TikToker @shelbykandrade posted a video featuring one of Olivia Rodrigo’s songs ‘Enough for You’ wearing the same blue and white cheer uniform from the ‘good 4 U’ music video that turned heads immediately making users believe it was Olivia herself. Users believed that they happened upon the celebrity’s secret TikTok account, but upon closer inspection, it was someone who looked a little too much like Ms. Rodrigo. People in the comment section reeling over the likeness, gaining the attention of Olivia herself, commenting in all caps “YASSS.”


Her account gaining more and more attention as she posts more videos of herself people are commenting that she looks just like Olivia.

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