People Are Furious at This Pakistani Cricketer for Posing With a Lion

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Shahin Afridi, a Pakistani cricketer who recently announced his retirement, has angered animal rights activists after tweeting a photo of a lion chained up in his home.

The tweet in question reads:

Accompanying the tweet are two photos, one of Afridi bottle-feeding a fawn, and another of his daughter standing in front of a lion. Saj Sadiq, a Pakistani sports writer, also posted a photo featuring Afridi and the animal, with the caption: “when the lion met a cricketing lion.” ”Lion” is apparently one of Afridi’s nicknames, in addition to “La La” and “Boom Boom”, and the photo elicited plenty of responses around the world and on Twitter.

But, @JibbyD isn’t so concerned. He tweets:


And, @nivik says what we’re all thinking:

Well, we have the answer! Afridi responded to the controversy and tried to set the record straight. He wrote:

“The animals displayed in the pictures were brought to my house for showing it to my kids, the owner has tamed them since they were 2 months old and they are this big, they are totally home brought-up, the person who owns them has a license as well. The fact it was chained was just to be on the safe side but where they live is in an entirely free environment.”

We’re not sure who brought his lion and fawn to Afridi’s home, but most animal welfare groups are pretty clear that keeping wild animals as pets is a very bad idea. Not only are the conditions terrible for the animal, but they could pose real threats for their owners, not just through attacks but disease as well. In fact, five U.S. states have no laws whatsoever regarding what kinds of animals can be held as pets.

What do you guys think? Should lions be left in the wild, or is everybody freaking out over nothing? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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