People Are Turning Horror Movie Icons into Another Thirst Trap Trend

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Scream being the iconic franchise it is means there are a lot of Scream fans out there. Fans that like to dress up as their favorite character because of their love of their movie are so great, but some are turning it into something else entirely on TikTok. Another thirst trap that makes you wonder if it is being taken a step too far. If you want to check out why fans celebrating Scream so much all over Tiktok, check out my previous article, “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie”!


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Why are Serial Killers Being Turned into Thirst Traps?

If you haven’t come across quite a few videos on TikTok where a creator is dressed up as the infamous Woodsboro High killer or Ghostface and turning this movie serial killer into a thirst trap you definitely will. Another thirst trap trend making its way through TikTok, but this one is romanticizing serial killers and there is a term for that believe or not.


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The term is “hybristophilia” which by definition is a sexual interest in and attraction to those who commit crimes. On TV shows and movies, you see, there is this fascination of a tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious character with a questionable background that draws viewers in. The grade A “bad boy” so to speak where they are basically applauded for their “flawless” good looks that come with the notion that someone good-looking can do no evil. Looking beyond the evil acts they commit and trying to find a sliver of hope they can change their ways.

Take the character Billy Loomis or even Stu Macher, for example, they are the typical “I don’t care”, “I’m so cool but don’t say it”, “bad attitude” character that automatically draws you in. Towards the end of the movie, you find out they were the ones who were killing all of those people, but you see them getting turned into thirst traps. These characters have no remorse for their actions whatsoever, but all over social media, you see people typically young girls, romanticizing, or “fangirling” about these men who committed serious crimes. Even if they are just characters in a TV show/movie. Crimes usually ranging from the kidnap, rape, and murder of young women and men, but yet, still find them attractive and fantasize about relationships with them.

The romanticization of serial killers is a facet of media that needs to be looked at better. Fantasizing about someone who is more likely to murder and kidnap you, than take you on a date is not something that should be constantly sexualized. Especially, with the safety of young women in this day and age where sexual violence should never be tolerated or romanticized, ever.


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