Pink is the New Black?!

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It is interesting how every year at the Academy Awards there is a color that stands out or is often times worn by various A-list fashionistas. This year without a doubt PINK was the new BLACK and no we’re not talking about P!nk , like let’s get this party started. Such a tough shade to pull off for most women it was done in various ways by so many.

My instant favorite was Kacey Musgraves, who I didn’t even know was or why she was there, but I am not complaining fresh off her win of CMA Country Album and Grammy’s Album of the Year, my HEE-HAW queen did NOT disappoint in Giambattista Valli Couture. A bold and risky move for such a new artist on the rise, she did it effortlessly and gracefully from head-to-toe. Soft makeup and hair tied back to bring all attention to her country meets couture moment.

Lisa Bonet and husband Jason Momoa in Fendi was another tremendous moment for fashion lovers last light as they wore custom pieces from Karl Lagerfeld’s final collection presented on Thursday at Milan fashion week, just two days after his death. No better pair to pay homage to such an iconic and influential designer, details till death did you spot Momoa’s matching pink scrunchie he wore even while presenting on stage with Helen Miren, who was also possibly in a shade of pink herself. Possibly pink, only because the lighting was so off during the entire show, that is is unknown the exact shade of Miren’s gown.


Lady Paulson (that is Sarah Paulson for those of you that don’t know) in Brandon Maxewell was another perfect in pink moment. Forever looking effortless and regal, Paulson has a way of not just wearing clothes but instead carrying them on a carpet.

Clothes have to feel right in so many ways on such a big night like that of the Academy Awards, a beautiful dress or person simply is not enough. It needs to feel and be a complete and cohesive look. In effect, pink is a color that needs to be polished. Let’s take a deeper look at the Mother of Dragons herself for example, Emilia Clarke in Balmain, was such a wrong choice for her. The dress itself was beautiful when you remove her face from the equation that is, and it’s not because Clake isn’t stunning. It’s because the makeup, lip color in particular and fake tan could not be more inappropriate with this look. This dress needed to be paired with a pale nude lip and tone to compliment it perfectly.

Pink can be pretty, but rarely is it perfect… as we saw at during last night’s show. Not only is it a hard shade for most to pull off, but you need to consider things like skin tone, makeup and where you’re going before just putting on pink. The lighting for example in photographs and on stage for those presenting IE Helen Miren were tremendously tragic for this particular occasion.


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