Childish Gambino Owns Your Summer With Two NEW Songs

"Summertime Magic" and "Feels Like Summer" should cover both sides of your summer listening experience, thus owning your summer. Sorry, Drake!

Donald Glover, aka, Childish Gambino has but one mission in life. A noble mission ’tis be. Mere months after shocking the nation with his politically charged, visually mind melting anthem, “This is America”, Glover comes to you with but one goal: he wants to own your summer. No more, no less. I mean, it can’t all be us gawking at whatever the hell Drake is up to. Donald Glover has dropped two tracks, one a traditional summer anthem, and the other, more in line with his strong political and societal commentary in his written work and “This is America”. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for Summertime Magic and Feels Like Summer.

Summertime Magic is a classic romantic summer anthem, the type you can really smooch on up to, if smooching on up is the inspiration you desire from your music. It’s a song you can dance to and remember everyone you have ever fallen in love with in the hot days of the summer to, including such lyrics as:

Is it summertime magic
That makes me wanna dance all night long
It’s your summertime magic
Make me feel this way
Girl, oh your love
Girl, oh you’re my world
Baby girl
(Woo, ah!)
My whole world
Hoo, oh!

Glover’s second song, Feels Like Summer, is much closer to his incredible hit, This Is America. This Is America was built to be mistaken for a frivolous pop song until you listen to the lyrics and the dark aspects come in. Feels Like Summer is similar. If it’s played in the background it could be easily mistaken for a regular summer pop anthem, but if you listen to the lyrics you can hear a polemic against global warming, a force that, as every summer is the hottest summer on record, is inescapable. Childish Gambino covers that hopelessness, singing —


Every day gets hotter than the one before
Running out of water, it’s about to go down
Go down
Air that kill the bees that we depend upon
Birds were made for singing
Waking up to no sound
No sound

I know
Oh, I know you know my pain
I’m hopin’ that this world will change
But it just seems the same
I know
Oh, I hope we change
I really thought this world would change
But it seems like the same

Grim. But artistically exciting, as Donald Glover shows no signs in slowing down as the new artistic super king of America. A real poet of the people type. Enjoy, everyone, as this artistic maven keeps bringing up thought provoking art and Lando Calrissian performances alike.

What did you think of the two songs? Will Donald Glover’s music reverse global warming or just be very good? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.