Ring Is Offering A Million Dollar Prize For Any U.S. Resident To Capture Unaltered Alien Footage

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Ring, a security camera brand made popular in part due to the humorous videos captured on their devices and shared on social media, is now offering a million dollar grand prize for the first person to capture authentic footage of aliens.

The prize came about in the spirit of Halloween, and the contest ends on November 3. “Whether it’s a video of an Extraterrestrial walking (or flying?) up your driveway and asking for directions, or an unidentifiable lifeform exhibiting unusual and extraordinary behavior in your backyard — submit your best footage!” Ring said in the announcement.

Should an alien not appear on the doorstep of interested parties, there is a lesser prize to be won. “If you don’t locate any real Extraterrestrials, don’t worry: you can still enter to win an ‘Out of this World’ prize! ” the rules read. “To enter, simply capture and submit your most creative interpretation of an Extraterrestrial sighting on your Ring device, and you will be in the running among your earthling peers to win a $500 Amazon gift card.”

Aliens remain one of the largest theories of both science and popular culture. Given the vast nature of the universe, it is widely accepted that extraterrestrial life exists. What remains up for debate, however, is their role in life on Earth, and what exactly the aliens look like. Some conspiracy theorists allege that aliens are responsible for building a number of historic monuments, including the Pyramids of Giza, and several Mayan temples.

In Recent History

Aliens came back into the conversation when Congress held a hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).  The House Oversight Committee has been poking into this sector of investigation over the past few years, and the hearing gave retired intelligence officer Major David Grusch the floor. The UFO whistleblower stated under oath that the Pentagon was withholding information from Congress regarding alien life and aircrafts.

In his opening statement, Grusch said “My testimony is based on information I have been given by individuals with a longstanding track record of legitimacy and service to this country — many of whom also shared compelling evidence in the form of photography, official documentation and classified oral testimony.”

Alongside Grusch, former Navy pilots Ryan Graves and David Fravor also testified that they witnessed several UFOs on the job. The trio each answered questions from U.S. representatives regarding on their extraterrestrial sightings and their perspective on the need for congressional authority over the Pentagon’s UFO programs.


Graves stated that he knew a UAP was not a standard Earthly aircraft when he saw it flying steadily in the middle of a category four hurricane.

Social Media Reactions

Many alien aficionados have already vowed to enter Ring’s contest.

Others are already hinting at their creative ideas.


Details on the contest can be found here.

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