Robots Taking Over: Is Artificial Intelligence the Next Hot Trend for Sports Fans?

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Photo by Brent Cox on Unsplash
Photo by Brent Cox on Unsplash

On and off the field, the star-studded sporting universe has seen its fair share of trends come and go over the years. Casual fans in particular have enjoyed many exciting changes as the industry competes against social media and streaming services to keep viewers entertained.

The sparkling corner of the sporting world offering odds and wagers has also gone through many trends since the dawn of the internet. Now that it seems celebrity endorsements are on the way out, the hottest new trend for online betting platforms looks like it might involve nerdy robots with a knack for making scarily accurate predictions.

Now, a new dynamic is looking like it might take over and change the game forever. Artificial intelligence has entered the fold and it involves some serious computing power. But is AI just another fad? Or, is it going to become the next big thing for fans as well as folks looking to add some extra spice to their favorite weekend watch parties?

Unpacking the trend

So, what exactly is going on here? Are betting fans using chatGPT like some kind of crystal ball? Is it working? To understand what this trend is all about, let’s lay out the basics. In a nutshell, AI sports betting mostly takes place at cutting-edge platforms that already are known for being spaces where fans can put some real skin into their favorite sports.

These platforms have started using AI-powered algorithms to take a look at all the data on teams, players, and past performances it can. The tech takes all this information and uses it to more accurately decide how a match might turn out after the final whistle blows. Using these algorithms, AI sports bettingplatforms are offering fans tailored news and opportunities to make much better-informed bets.

This is a big deal because before these tools started showing up, betting fans had to do their own research to figure out where to place their money. Instead of scouring the internet for clues, fans who find making bets thrilling can save their energy and be a little more strategic.

AI-powered predictions offer more

While there’s no telling where this trend might go soon, the fact that these clever robot-powered insights are objective and free of human biases means that fans can get more out of the tool. Besides the fact that bettors can enjoy a clear picture of what might happen on the field, fans and the sports industry itself can also use AI in other interesting ways.


Fantasy sports fanatics are already using data-driven recommendations to craft better drafts. Fans are enjoying more personalized watch experiences too because artificial intelligence can spit out interesting stats about favored players and teams in real time. As the tech gets refined more, everyone who follows the largest leagues can get a deeper understanding of what’s happening on and off the field. More informed fans are usually more engaged and end up having more fun on game days.

So what?

So, AI-powered bets are hot right now, but many exciting trends have come and gone over the years. Most of them seemed promising at the time, but sports betting history is littered with fads that couldn’t stand the test of time. Once, flashy betting parlors seemed like they’d stick around forever. Today, most bettors don’t even bother to step outside their front door as online platforms have taken over.

Not so long ago, celebrity endorsements were the hottest new trend on the scene. But as controversial headlines began to pop up, public sentiment surrounding this kind of advertising shifted fast. Now, countries like Canada and Brazil are even taking steps to ban these kinds of partnerships outright.

Another trend that rose and fell not so long ago surrounded influential, so-called sports experts. As more tipsters flooded the internet and it became clear their insights were questionable most of the time, fans looking for an edge started to look for information elsewhere, effectively stopping the trend in its tracks. What if AI goes in a similar direction?

Will the trend last?

For as long as sports have been around, people have enjoyed watching along because it’s impossible to know what might happen. Even if a team has been dominant for ages, one mistake could cost them the championship. Sports are inherently unpredictable. Injuries, lucky bounces, and unexpected plays will always defy even the most cleverly trained robot insights. AI can’t actually tell the future.

Does this mean that the trend won’t last? It’s possible that some of the fans who already use it might eventually get bored and move on. However, the value of this tool will only get better with time. This means that while the trend might not stay hot, it probably won’t fall into obscurity entirely. It’s probably here to stay in some way for good.


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