Shane Dawson And Ryland Adams Announce They Are Expecting Twins

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YouTube creator and author Shane Dawson has announced that himself and his husband Ryland Adams are expecting twins via surrogate. Dawson and Adams have been in a relationship for seven years, and recently tied the knot in January. Adams posted the announcement to his YouTube channel.

The couple will be documenting their journey with working with a surrogate, and her own pregnancy journey with their child. The video depicts the couple receiving the news that she is pregnant, and that they are having two children.

Dawson is regarded as one of the original YouTube creators to change the landscape of digital content creation. This came with a wealth of controversy. Dawson previously apologized for racist comments he made on his YouTube channel while performing in blackface. Additionally. he made controversial comments sexualizing a child internet star, and describing sexual acts with his cat.

Dawson accredited the disturbing comments to attempting to make jokes in the style of the “shock jock” radio hosts who were achieving high success in the entertainment world at the time.

Despite the apology, which Dawson delivered three years ago, former fans and digital culture aficionados alike are not forgetting about the YouTuber’s past of sexually inappropriate comments. Many are reminding the public of these previous scandals as Dawson and his husband embark towards new fatherhood.


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Others were quick to remember the cat incident heard around the world.

Elsewhere, some expressed fear that the future children would be exposed to the harsh elements of internet culture when they are far too young for it. Recently, fellow YouTube creator Colleen Ballinger has similarly been accused of using her children for content, among a host of other child grooming allegations.

Many are in disbelief that Dawson would be so public about his fatherhood given his past. Similarly to the Colleen Ballinger saga, the internet has no fear of bringing up the past digital footprint of highly contested digital creators.


Dawson is yet to comment on the negative perceptions surrounding the announcement.

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